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  • 25% discount on all POLYAS products
  • Discount for those who recommended us and for new customers
  • Share positive experience and benefit from it

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POLYAS Bring a Friend - Get Discount

Bring a Friend!

Have you already carried out a successful voting project with POLYAS and you were satisfied with us? Then recommend us to your friends!

Join our Bring a Friend campaign and get a 25% discount on all POLYAS products until the end of june 2023. Not only will you get a discount code, we will also give your friend a new customer discount if they decide to vote or nominate with us.

Referrals only take a few minutes and you'll be helping your friend, business partner or partner organization to find a secure and reliable tool for implementing digital elections.

Here’s how you can take part!

Conditions of participation:

  • Discount applies to a one-time booking of an Online Voting, Live Voting or the Nomination Platform
  • The discount only applies to a price of up to EUR 1800, the maximum discount is EUR 450
  • The discount is automatically deducted after entering the code into the POLYAS Online Voting Manager
  • Reduction of the total price by 25 percent
  • How to do it: 
    • Recommenders and new customers get a discount.
    • Discount code for recommenders will be sent as soon as the new customer has booked an election project with POLYAS.
    • Discount code for new customers will be sent with the referral e-mail.
    • Discount cannot be combined with other discount codes
  • Referrals can only be made between two different organizations
  • Discount codes are redeemable until June 30, 2023
POLYAS Bring a Friend - 10 percent discount

Recommend POLYAS now and get your discount!

1.Send an email to your friend now and recommend us:

Recommend POLYAS > 

Note: Please change the recipient address we have given you as an example (example@polyas.com) to that of your friend and use our prepared e-mail text. It contains important information for your friend's participation in the discount promotion.

2. Register with us as a POLYAS recommender and get a discount code by e-mail after the new customer has signed the contract:



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