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How to Conduct Your Online Trial Election

  • Test your online election for free before your election starts 
  • Learn more about our features with our test election 
  • See how easily our online voting system works

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You can test your online election while setting it up in the POLYAS voting manager.
Below we explain how you can conduct a free trial election with our online voting system. 

Test your first online election for free

Create a ballot in online voting

How to Create your Ballot Paper

In the online voting manager, you can easily choose between different ballot templates and modify the ballot paper as you desire. Create a candidate election, a fixed list election, a free list election or a combined list election. Additionally, add a text field to give your voters the most important details about the election. 

Format your ballot easily and conveniently with a few clicks: 

  • Select the order of candidates on your ballot 
  • Determine the number of votes to be cast
  • Upload your logo to the ballot 

Learn more about creating your online voting ballot with POLYAS!

Testen Sie, ob Ihre Online-Wahl wie gewünscht funktioniert

Start your Online Trial Election with up to 5 Test Voters

After you’ve created your ballot, you can start your trial election with up to 5 voters. Just click on the button ‘Try for Free’ and enter your test voters’ email addresses into the pop-up window. 

The trial election can start now 

Your test voters will receive an email with the access data for the trial election. The voter-ID is the email address and the password is automatically generated by the POLYAS online voting system. Then your test voters can follow the attached link to the online trial election and log in with their personal access data. Now the previously created ballot is displayed and they can cast their vote. 

Download the results of your trial election as a PDF 

After your voters have cast their vote, you can log into the online voting manager and manually stop the trial election by clicking on the ‘Stop Trial Election’ button. Now you can see which step the POLYAS online voting software is carrying out. Once the vote counting has been completed, you can download the results of your trial election as a PDF file from the start page of your online voting manager*. If you want to stop the online trial election it is not necessary that all five test voters have cast their vote.   

* = Only one online trial election is included as standard. You can certainly test your online election more often but you will always find the results of your first trial election in the PDF.

Advantages of online voting

Discover the Advantages of Online Voting

During your online trial election you can already see if the ballots are filled out correctly and what the online voting emails being sent to your voters look like before your actual online election. This way you and your colleagues gain insight into the online voting procedure and the management of the election.

Additionally, the trial online election works like a real online election: all data regarding your election is securely sealed and the votes are counted reliably.

Test the POLYAS Online Voting System before you Conduct your first Election with POLYAS.
By completing our online trial election you will discover how easy and convenient online voting is with POLYAS. 
Has the online trial election impressed you? 

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