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Keep an overview online

Stay on top of things with the POLYAS Nomination Platform

The planning, organizing, and conducting nominations comes with a large amount of administrative effort when candidate proposals and supporting signatures are done on paper. The documents must be collected, checked for accuracy and completeness, and ordered correctly. The manual administration of document is time-consuming and error-prone both by the election office and eligible nominators. So for example the nominations may be duplicated, made for the wrong board, or sent with insufficient eligibility.

Minimize the error rate of your nominations and easily collect the documents such as candidate proposal lists and supporting signatures online on the POLYAS Nomination Platform.

There you determine in advance who can nominate for which boards and whether self-nominations or nominations by another are permitted. In this manner the candidate proposals and supporting signatures can be correctly assigned.

Collect supporting signatures online

You as election officer have the opportunity to collect and administer the complete nominations and necessary documents online on the POLYAS Nomination Platform. In doing so, you manage the entire communication with your nominators online, from the invitation to nominate through information for nominators to evaluation and verification of the candidate list.

Save time without using snail mail as well as printing and postage costs and collect the supporting signatures online with the POLYAS Nomination Platform.

Depending on the election rules the nominators can nominate themselves and other candidates, submit complete nomination lists and supporting signatures, as well as amend and withdraw their nominations.

This is how it works: 

The election office sets the required number of supporting signatures for a valid candidacy. As many election rules mandate the supporting signatures be submitted handwritten and signed, POLYAS makes available a corresponding form for download. This form can then be uploaded with the required number of supporting signature forms or the list with scanned supporting signatures, so that they can be forwarded together with the nomination. The election board can then check and manage all submitted supporting signatures.

Collect supporting signatures online
Combining online nominations and online voting

Combining online nominations and online voting

Following the nominations period the actual voting can also take place online. Benefit from the advantages of POLYAS Online Voting: Upload your candidate lists to the Online Voting Manager and start the election of your candidates. With all POLYAS Online Voting products, the election principles are maintained: universal, equal, free, direct, and secret. Learn more about online election and candidacy >

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