For many companies, associations, cooperatives and other institutions, virtual meetings and web conferences are already a part of day-to-day business. And yet right now, when mobility is severely restricted due to the spread of the corona virus, the need for software solutions for daily working and also for democratic polling is on the rise. Find out how meetings with polling can be held online—read this post.

Virtual meetings and conferences

The use of online tools for communication is increasingly important. Since the restrictions due to COVID-19, a major boost to digitalization has been seen at companies, associations and other institutions, many of which are now dependent on web conferences and virtual meetings. One goal has top priority: #flattenthecurve.

Polls and decision-making

For democracy itself, the demand for software solutions is increasing because representatives, memberships and general assemblies are closely associated with polls and decision-making. These are usually conducted on the day of the meeting, often with a show of hands and manual counting.

Delegates, board members, equal opportunity officers and committees have to be elected, and now there is demand for a digital alternative to conventional voting procedures for polls and decisions as well.

How can board elections, decision-making, surveys and opinion polls be carried out online?

With digital nominations, online elections and live voting. Learn more now about these three options for digital democracy from POLYAS that observe the highest security standards, and that adhere to voting principles and data protection according to EU-GDPR.

What is SaaS?

The abbreviation SaaS stands for “Software as a Service”. Many software companies use business models based on SaaS, meaning they provide software to their customers for use over the Internet. SaaS is a branch of cloud computing. The aim is to make storage space, computing power or software available as a service online, without the IT infrastructure having to be installed on a local computer.

Customers pay to use the software as a service and do not have to install it. Instead, all they need is an Internet connection and an Internet-enabled device with a browser to access the software.

POLYAS is an IT service provider offering Software as a Service. This means that elections and polls can be conducted easily and securely online.

Combining web conferences and online voting

An effective way to hold a shareholders’ conference, committee meeting or general assembly and continue to conduct the associated polls and decision-making—despite Corona—is to use web conferencing tools in combination with POLYAS online voting.

Advantages of online voting

  • Anytime: Polls and decision-making can be carried out before, after and during the meeting or conference.
  • Anywhere: Online voting enables eligible voters to cast their vote regardless of location, in keeping with the highest security standards and in compliance with voting principles.
  • Barrier-free: Blind and visually impaired people can vote without barriers and maintain their voting secrecy.
  • Easy: Online voting is set up in just three steps.
  • Environmentally friendly: Online voting saves 98 percent of CO2 compared to postal voting.
  • Legal compliance: After the election, the legally compliant election results are produced at the push of a button.

Do you want to conduct your decision-making or poll in parallel to your digital meeting?

Set up your online election or Live Voting in just three steps with the POLYAS Online Voting Manager!

Get to know the POLYAS Online Voting Manager now!