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Online elections, nominations and voting

  • Legally compliant election results with online voting
  • Voting in real time with Live Voting
  • Candidate selection completely online on the nomination platform

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Online Voting

Be it management boards, advisory committees or gender equality officers—these and other bodies can be elected online with a minimum of effort, eco-friendly and legally compliant.

Eligible voters can vote from anywhere while maintaining voting secrecy—and you save the effort of holding a presence election.

A few clicks is all it takes to create your election in the POLYAS Online Voting Manager.

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Online nomination

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer online nominations via our platform.

We are currently examining various options in order to be able to offer the nomination process online again in the future.

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Live Voting

Your annual general meeting is coming up and you want as many eligible voters as possible involved in the decision-making process.

Use POLYAS Live Voting to carry out your voting and resolutions online—be it virtually or on-site.

Using the Live Voting Cockpit, you can even spontaneously put further questions to the vote, with voting ongoing.

How Live Voting works