POLYAS vision: Digital democracy

Participation is the highest value in a democratic society. POLYAS has set itself a goal of making digital participation a better and easier experience.


Our vision is a fair and sustainable world, in which participation is easy and secure for everyone.
It is not about political elections only, since many other fields require democratic decisions: associations elect board members, communities hold youth parliament elections, companies elect works councils, churches, cooperatives and chambers elect representatives…participation is of great importance in many areas.

Opportunities with Online Voting

We want to stimulate participation in elections by developing the best technologies for fair and secure online elections.

Easy Online Voting

Participating in an online election is an easy and time-saving experience for the voter: a vote can be cast online from anywhere in the world. By making elections simple and transparent, we make it possible for eligible voters to experience online participation. As a result, more voters can be involved, and the voter turnout increases. In addition, digital voting allows visually impaired voters to cast their votes.

Secure Online Voting

Reliability is of high importance for our work. Our voting systems POLYAS CORE 2.5.0 and POLYAS CORE 3.0 comply with the main electoral principles and secure the secrecy of ballot. We are also developing methods for universal and individual verification following the principle of public access to elections.
Learn more about security in online voting with POLYAS!

One platform for various election processes 

With our election platform, we facilitate all processes related to elections – from planning to vote counting – and support our clients with comprehensive expertise until the legally compliant result is achieved. The POLYAS nomination platform thus simplifies the selection of candidates. The candidate lists are imported directly into the ballot for an online election or live voting. Intelligent interfaces minimize the effort and provide the best user experience.

Sustainability of Online voting

An online election reduces CO2 emissions by 98%, as compared to postal voting. Production and dispatch of election documentation are the emission drivers of postal voting. These 2 process steps are omitted in online voting. An electronic dispatch of the access data via email reduces the greenhouse gas emissions. It is clear that on online election is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional postal voting.