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Online voting plus a classic election?
Full support? Sure.

  • Combine your online election with postal voting or a ballot box election - whatever you like
  • Access central functions and information in your own system environment
  • Receive comprehensive service and support at all stages of the election process

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POLYAS Services

Find out how we support you while organizing, carrying out and evaluating your online election

Our POLYAS Election Managers can help you at any stage upon your request

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Combined election

Are you planning to carry out a complex election with many eligible voters from different cities?

Save your time, be flexible and increase your voter turnout by combining online, postal voting, live and in-person voting options

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Create ballots, send out election invitations, increase voter turnout or receive election results quickly: 

With the basic features of POLYAS online voting system, you can simplify every step of your election, from general planning to carrying out and evaluating your election

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Support services from POLYAS

Play it safe and let our Election Managers handle the complete organisation and setup of your election

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With SecureLink, your voters can conveniently participate in an online election via your intranet in a protected member area of your website

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If you have any further questions regarding your online election, please contact our Election experts 

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Support services from POLYAS

Would you like support in conducting your Online Voting or your Live Voting? Book our service package and let our experienced Support team help you!

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