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Live Voting with POLYAS

Flexible voting and legally compliant results at the push of a button

  • Vote online with POLYAS at your shareholders’ meeting, general assembly or AGM
  • Legally binding results within a minute of ending the vote
  • Increase participation by absent members with online voting

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How to set up Polyay Live Voting

Live Voting – how it works

When you hold a vote at the meeting of your executive body, cooperative society, party, stock corporation or at your club, you want as many of the eligible voters as possible to participate in the decision-making process. POLYAS Live Voting allows your members to vote easily and securely online.

It just takes a few clicks to set up Live Voting and start saving costs for your organization: 

  • Create ballot papers for voting, candidate and closed-list elections online
  • Set up a directory of eligible voters
  • Send invitations to the Live Voting by e-mail
  • Present the polling questions to all registered participants
  • Present the result

Live Voting enables you to conduct votes easily and conveniently online. POLYAS Live Voting also works remotely: Eligible voters who are not present at the meeting are also able to take part in the decision-making process.

Find out now how to set up the POLYAS Live Voting in just a few steps!

Live Voting

Live Voting is secure and convenient for your members, because all they need to take part in the voting is an Internet-enabled device (smartphone, laptop or tablet).

Eligible voters receive their login data either by post or e-mail before the meeting. These credentials consist of an ID and an individual password. On the day of the meeting, eligible voters only have to login one time with their login data and can then take part in all votes.

A few clicks is all it takes for your members to make their vote securely and in secret:

  1. Eligible voters first fill out the ballot paper
  2. They then have the option to correct or confirm their vote
  3. Once your members are satisfied with their selection, they can cast their binding vote

After you have closed the voting, the results are counted and your members can view the results directly on their digital devices.

Combine Live Voting and Online Voting to increase voter turnout
Combine Live Voting with Online Voting and enable those members who cannot make it on the day of the meeting to participate in the democratic processes at your organization. With the Online Voting system, they can even cast their vote before the actual day of the meeting.

This is how easy it is to cast your vote in Live Voting
Advantages-Live-Voting.jpgThese are your advantages with Live Voting

Advantages of Live Voting

With Live Voting from POLYAS, you strengthen the democratic basis of your organization by increasing the voter turnout. At the same time, you simplify the management of the voting at your meeting and you can concentrate on the really relevant things, namely the content of the votes and the agenda of the meeting. You can react to amendments in real time and also minimize the error rate in vote counting. In this way, both you and your members benefit from the advantages of POLYAS Live Voting.

Would you like to find out more about POLYAS Live Voting or speak to an adviser? 

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