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Simple online voting

  • Boost voter turnout by using online voting
  • Simplify the election management process with our services and support
  • Reduce your election costs by up to 70% with POLYAS

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Case Studies

Learn about our customers' experiences  with online voting.

Customer experiences with POLYAS


Elect student committees and representative bodies online.

Online elections for universities


Let pupils and their parents vote online for school councils and student parliaments.

Online elections for schools


Elect your association's board online - unrestricted by location.

Online voting in associations


Elect your ombudsman and board of directors online.

Online elections in companies


Let your members elect their representatives online.

Online elections for cooperatives


Conduct chamber elections for delegates and representative bodies online.

Online voting for chambers


Carry out church council elections online and increase voter turnout.

Online elections for churches

Local authorities

Vote in representatives for municipal councils online.

Online elections for local authorities

Condominium Associations

Learn more about elections in condominium associations

Online voting in condo associations


Read more about union elections and how to simplify them.

Online elections for unions

Credit Unions

Learn more about credit unions and their elections

Online voting in credit unions