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Online voting for companies

  • Reduce election costs by up to 70% through online elections
  • Simplify the election management and save time
  • Legally valid elections results through guaranteed secret voting

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Carry out company elections online!

Through online company elections you reduce the costs of election management to a minimum:

Upload the electoral roll easily, send voter information digitally and receive the results of your online election with the click of a button.

Company elections online

Do you have questions and need advice?

Our experienced voting experts advise you for free about online elections for your company.

Polyas supports you with your online voting and provides legally valid results digitally. Without additional software and with high user-friendliness.

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How does online voting with Polyas work?

Your company is not required to have a special hardware or system in order to carry out an online election.

Voting is simple and accessible: Each voter can vote from anywhere with almost any device with an Internet connection.

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