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Ballot Paper Templates for Cooperatives

Ballot Paper Templates for Cooperatives

Here you can find free ballot paper templates and samples for supervisory board elections and board of representative elections in cooperatives for download.

The structure of a ballot varies from cooperative to cooperative. It should be adapted individually to the respective cooperative. In your electoral regulations, you will find guidelines for correct election procedures. Generally, in many cooperatives, the election process, electoral system and ballot counting methods are similar.

Ballot Templates for Supervisory Board Elections in Cooperatives

Supervisory board elections are often conducted as majority voting.

Many cooperatives conduct the supervisory board elections at an annual general meeting by a show of hands or through paper ballots.
If voting at a cooperative meeting, members can vote for different candidates by a show of hands. However, this method is prone to error as the counting of the vote is unwieldy, resulting in potential miscounts and lost votes. This is why live voting with POLYAS offers a better service and lends itself particularly well to supervisory board elections at cooperative meetings.
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If you vote with ballot papers, cooperative members have as many votes as there are positions open on the supervisory board. The candidates with the most votes are elected to the board.
Download a free ballot template for your supervisory board election here! (PDF)

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Ballot Template for Board of Representatives Elections in Cooperatives

Ballot template for list voting
Most election rules state that the board of representatives has to be voted on with a fixed list vote. The election committee may divide different branches of the cooperative into separate constituencies. Every constituency has to vote for a certain number of representatives. The number of representatives to be voted for depends on the number of cooperative members in that constituency.

If there is only one nominee for the representative vote, voters can either reject or accept him/ her. If there is more than one nominee, then members vote for a list of grouped candidates.

Download a free ballot template for your board of representatives election via fixed list here! (PDF)

Ballot Template for district elections
In district elections, members elect cooperative representatives for their constituency, within their constituency. The number of representatives depends on the number of members within the electoral district. The vote can be conducted as a direct candidate election or as a list election. Which voting method is used depends on the electoral regulations established in each cooperative. With fixed list elections, members can either accept or reject a list of candidates. If there is more than one list, cooperative members choose between the lists. Every member has one vote.

Download a free ballot template for your cooperative's representative district election via fixed list here! (PDF)

In a case of a direct candidate election, every voting member is allowed to cast as many votes as there are open positions in that constituency.

Download a free ballot template for your representative district election via a direct candidate here! (PDF)

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Introduce Online Voting into your Cooperative

Electing the board of representatives can be costly and time-consuming. Various ballot papers from different electoral groups can increase expenses and take up valuable time. Introducing online elections to your cooperative will save you time, effort and costs. Set up your board of representatives elections easily with our online voting system. Upload your electoral register, send log-in credentials to your electorate via email and receive a legally binding result at the end of the voting period. Our voting officers are here to help you through your election every step of the way. Should you need help creating and customizing your ballot paper, uploading your electoral register or if you have any general enquiries about cooperative voting, we would be more than happy to help.

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