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Elect your Board of Directors Online

  • facilitate your election management with POLYAS
  • higher voter turnout by voting online
  • secure online voting with certified voting software

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Facilitate your election management by voting online with POLYAS

Simple Election Management in your Credit Unions

A credit union is a mutual organization, which means the members are in control of the credit union. They usually elect three boards at their Annual General Meeting

  • board of directors
  • supervisory committee
  • credit committee

Since credit unions are owned by their members, voting should be made as easy as possible. By electing the board of directors and other officers online, credit unions save time, money and stress. The advantages of voting online are obvious: create your ballot online in with our election software, upload your electoral roll and invite your members to take part in the election via email. Easy steps to facilitate your election management and save time and money at the same time. 

Learn how quick you can set up your election and what you need now! 

Increase Voter Turnout in your Elections

Credit unions are an essential part of the financial market and are distinct from traditional banks and financial institutions. One key factor is that most credit unions share a common bond and have a closer relationship with their customers than other banks. These common bonds could be living in the same local area, being in a particular group like a Church or sharing the same employer. However, not all members make use of their vote in the society, although it can influence how the society is run. 

Voter turnout can be increased if online voting is added to your voting options, which offers an easy and convienient solution for your society and your members. Online voting can be done from anywhere in the world so voters are not dependent on going to their local branch or vote via post. You just go online and click! This saves time, money and also paper. 

Think green and increase your voter turnout now!

Increase the voter turnout by voting online
Secure Online Voting with POLYAS

High Security Voting Software for your Election

POLYAS offers a variety of online voting options, which will be tailored to your needs. The key feature is the secure voting software that helps you to create and conduct your election easily and securely online. POLYAS election software was certified to be secure according to Common Criteria by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in 2016. All democratic voting principles, which include a free, equal, secret, universal and direct election are protected when voting with POLYAS. 

Be part of the digitalization and trust in POLYAS election software now!