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Postal Ballot Documents

Create and design the postal ballot documents you need for your election. Learn what you need to include and how to manage your election successfully.  

Postal Ballot Documents - Ensuring a Valid Election

The Ballot Box

A ballot box enables a secret election. Votes, once in the ballot box, can not be traced back to the caster. Learn more about the importance of ballot boxes here. 

Ballot Box - Ensuring validity

Voting Booths

Voting booths are an integral part of democracy. Booths need to uphold and enforce the secrecy of the ballot. Here is a useful guide to help you with your election. 

How do Voting Booths Uphold Ballot Secrecy

Election Volunteers

You will need help running polling stations. Election volunteers can help your election run smoothly and quickly. Read more about election volunteers.

Election Volunteers - Selection and Motivation

The Electoral Roll

The electoral roll is a list of all eligible voters and includes the most important information about the voting rights of every single voter in a given election.

Creating & Managing a Stress-Free Electoral Roll

Voting Machines

Often confused with online voting, voting machines are physical machines in polling stations that help with the counting and casting of ballots.

Voting Machines - What are they?

Election Committee

The election committee is the highest body for all elections. They are responsible overseeing the election and ensuring that it is legally watertight. Learn about their tasks here.

Election Committee - Tasks & Responsibilities

List Elections

List elections are often used in proportional representational election systems. Learn more about the different types of list elections and download free ballot templates for your election.

List Elections - What are they & templates

Ballot Papers

Here you can learn more about creating and using the right ballot papers for your ballot box elections. Read how to preserve the secrecy of the ballot and increase election turnout. 

Ballot Papers for Ballot Box Elections