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  • Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in online voting
  • Organize elections in an eco-friendly way and save costs 
  • Easy election management and fast, legally compliant election results 

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Flexible voting with the online voting tool of POLYAS

Take advantage of digitalization with our online voting tool

Board elections, member decisions or representative elections take up a lot of time for election officers and voters alike. Conducting your elections digitally with the online voting tool for meetings by POLYAS. Be it on maternity leave or abroad: POLYAS facilitates secure voting even without a polling station or ballot box.

Create a secure online election in just a few steps. Read more!

Increase voter turnout and strengthen the democratic basis of your party, your company, your cooperative or your association. All you and your voters need to set up an election and to vote is an Internet-enabled device and an Internet connection.

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Save on resources and cut the costs of your election

Organizing elections makes heavy demands on financial, human and material resources. Save on paper, printing and shipping costs by voting online, and make your election eco-friendly. Cut your election costs by up to 70 percent by sending voting documents by e-mail and allowing your electorate to vote by tablet, smartphone or laptop. Use POLYAS's online voting tool for your live voting or online voting and keep CO2 emissions to a minimum.

How to create an election budget and save costs >

Lower your costs and save money with the online voting tool by POLYAS
Organise your election super easily with the online voting tool by POLYAS

Cut the costs of preparing and conducting your election

In an election, the mail runs, ballot casting and vote counting take up a lot of time. Save valuable time and invest it in motivating your voters. 

Simply organize your voting online and take advantage of the online voting tool from POLYAS:

  • Customize your voter invitation and ballot papers
  • Provide a website with important information about your election
  • Easily create ballot papers online
  • Upload your electoral roll
  • Send voter invitations conveniently by e-mail
  • Observe voter turnout in real time
  • Legally compliant election results at the push of a button

Please check any legal requirements concerning the transmission of the election invitations. In some cases, postal delivery may be necessary to uniquely authenticate the identity of eligible voters. Feel free to contact your POLYAS voting experts for a Service quotation


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