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Online Voting Service: Comprehensive Support

  • Comprehensive online voting service and support for complex digital electoral procedures
  • Easy election management and reduced election costs
  • Eco-friendly, fast and secure election

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Complex elections simply organized

An online election is very simple to organize in the POLYAS online voting manager. In 3 easy steps you can create your ballot, electoral roll and set the dates. Here’s how it works

However, dealing with more complex institutions that require more ballots and customization leading to rising costs, efforts and need for consultation. 

With POLYAS you can easily set up complex elections. You profit from POLYAS Election management service while setting up your online election. 

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Full service: we organize your online election

With our fully managed online voting service, you can leave everything to us. We will guide you through different voting options and find the right method or selection of methods for you and your electorate. Regardless whether you need a list election, single candidate election or a combination of both we will find the right solution for you.

With the Election management service our election experts can take over the complete setup of your online election

We create the electoral register and ballot paper and we send out the voter invitation card to your voters. During the election you do not have to worry about a thing - our team seals the election, sends voting invitations out to the electorate and monitors the election while it is in progress. Votes are counted automatically in our system, thereby allowing the result to be quickly and simply published - available as an automatically generated PDF.

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Full service: we organize your online election
Individual consultation for your online election

Individual consultation for your online election

Our POLYAS team understands that every election brings about its own challenges and requirements, that is why individual consultation for our clients is a top priority for us.

Our election experts support you at every step of your election: from planning how to set up your election to evaluating the results.

Together with you we develop the best solutions for your election, from managing your electoral roll and sending the access data to providing your eligible voter with access to online voting. Along with that we also pay attention to such legal aspects of the election as electoral rules and take care of eligible voters’ needs and your general requirements on design and election process.