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Online Voting Service: Comprehensive Support

  • We have 20 years of experience and have conducted more than 1,000 successful online elections
  • Comprehensive online voting service and support for complex digital electoral procedures
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From start to finish you can rely on our election experts

Do you need to elect different committees at the same time or do you have different groups of voters with differing voting rights?

We are here to help. With POLYAS you can easily set up complex elections. We will help you from start to finish to ensure that your legally valid election has all of the features that you need.

With traditional election methods, complex elections would result in high costs for merely the creation of the ballot paper. With our online voting system, you can create complex ballot papers with a click of a mouse. With highly extensive and complex elections, we can take over from you and you will receive error-free and legally valid election results.

Our digital election experts have supported more than 1,000 successful online elections and can assist you in planning any election.
More than 2.5 million voters have already voted with POLYAS.

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Fully managed online voting

With our fully managed online voting service, you can leave everything to us. We will guide you through different voting options and find the right method or selection of methods for you and your electorate. Regardless whether you need a list election, single candidate election or a combination of both we will find the right solution for you.

Our election experts can take over the creation, supervision and hosting of your election.

We create the electoral register and ballot paper, we send out the voter invitation card to your voters and, depending on what you want, we design and send voting information to help boost your voter turnout.

During the election you do not have to worry about a thing - our team seals the election, sends it out to the electorate and monitors the election while it is in progress. Votes are counted automatically in our system, thereby allowing the result to be quickly and simply published - available as an automatically generated PDF.

If there happen to be any questions about the vote or any issues that you are concerned about, our premium-support team is available when you need us.

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Easy election management with POLYAS online voting
Combine online voting with the absentee ballot

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Automatic Voter Registration
If you do not have all of your electorate's data or need to set up multiple voting procedures, you can use our registration platform
Learn more about using our online voter registration platform for your election.

Your Vote - Your Text - Your Design
would you prefer to have a more casual style to your ballot paper or does it have to be in-keeping with your company's branding? No problem - our team is here to help. We can format your vote to look exactly as you like.
Learn more about individual voter communication here.

Securelink from your Intranet Portal
Simplify how your electorate votes by introducing Securelink into your intranet. Users log into your intranet as they normally would and can vote from there - automatically verified by Securelink.
Learn more about introducing a Securelink into your Intranet

Combined Voting Procedures
One voter may wish to cast their ballot at a local polling station while others may be more comfortable voting online or via postal or online voting. Offer your electorate different methods of voting by using our combined voting procedures
Learn more about combining different election methods!