Prices for POLYAS Online Nomination

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Prices for POLYAS Online Nomination

The POLYAS Nomination Platform offers you and your nominators transparency, verifiability, data protection and clarity in the management and implementation of your nomination. You can also add a range of features to your online nomination. The prices for POLYAS Online Nominations depend on the number of nominators. The number of proposed candidates and the duration of the nomination phase have no influence on the pricing.

 Caution: The prices listed are net prices in euros excluding the applicable statutory value added tax. They apply to nominations including the services provided by POLYAS Support.

Price list for download

Price list for download

The price list for the POLYAS Nomination Platform gives you an insight into the costs for an online nomination by up to 1000 nominators. Feel free to contact our service team if you are planning a nomination with more than 1000 nominators.

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As with POLYAS Online Voting, the POLYAS Nomination Platform also comes with numerous features. For example, you can incorporate your own logo, conduct a multilingual nomination, or allow the upload of forms during the nomination.

However, before you decide on any additional features, you should first have met the basic provisions for your online nomination. Find out how to plan your online nomination here >