Ballot Paper Templates for Student Unions

Here we offer you free ballot paper templates for student union governing body elections and referenda.

The composition of ballot papers will vary between individual student unions. Thess templates can be adapted to suit the individual needs of your student union. The bylaws of your student union will contain guidelines and explain the required election procedure. Generally speaking, most student unions will have a similar election process, electoral system and method of counting ballots.

Ballot Template for Governing Body Elections in Student Unions

Student unions’ governing body elections (known alternatively as a Board of Directors or Student Legislative Council) are often conducted under a plurality vote system (also known as a simple majority or first-past-the-post system).

Most student unions hold annual board of directors elections during the spring semester by standard paper ballots. However, the cost of designing, printing and distributing paper ballots, not to mention the expense involved in managing physical polling stations, is often very high. Moreover, the process of ensuring the integrity of the ballot and accuracy of vote counting leaves the traditional paper ballot election open to errors and time-consuming recounts.

POLYAS online elections offer you a much more cost-efficient and accurate voting service that is ideally suited for student union elections.

Traditional student union ballot papers will display the names of candidates vying for each position on the governing body. Every member of the student union will then be able to vote for one candidate per position vacant.

Download a free ballot template for your student union’s governing body election here! (PDF)

Ballot Template for Referenda in Student Unions

Student unions also use referenda in reaching major policy decisions. Holding a referendum on a particularly sensitive issue allows all members the opportunity to have their voices heard in reaching a final decision.

Student union’s bylaws will govern how referenda are to be administered. Referendum questions are generally framed as binary ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ choices.

Download a free referenda ballot template for your student union right here! (PDF) 

POLYAS Tip: Online Voting enables you to engage with more members in your student union’s election and thereby increase voter turnout.

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Benefit from Online Voting in your Student Union

Administering traditional paper ballot elections and referenda in your student union costs you both a significant amount of time and money. Ballot papers can be quite lengthy if there are many candidates aspiring to be elected for each vacant position. Furthermore, the complexity of paper ballots can increase the chance that members will inadvertently submit an invalid vote.

One quick and easy way to overcome the shortcomings of paper ballots is to allow members of your student union the option of voting online. Upload the electoral roll, distribute log-in credentials to your members via email and download your legally binding election results in PDF format shortly after the digital polling station closes. Our online election experts will help you every step of the way.

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