PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V.’s Online Board of Directors Election

PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. is a partner association of the American trade association Project Management Institute (PMI). It has 480,000 members worldwide and promotes the interests of 720,000 professionals. The German partner association, through its office in Munich, looks after 1,300 members, who mainly reside in the southern German states of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. In 2016 the association chose to vote online with Polyas to elect their board of directors and to vote on a resolution to change their name. 

Transparency and Data Security in Online Board of Directors Elections with Polyas

PMI conducted its previous elections with an online tool provided by the American trade association, whose servers were located in the US. Data security fears meant the association placed an increased importance in using servers based in Germany. That’s why PMI decided to conduct their next election with Polyas. Our company’s servers are based in different locations across Germany in order to ensure the integrity of our data security. Furthermore, voting online with Polyas allowed PMI to set up the election they desired and to download the election results as a PDF document after it was completed. The client has control over their election and knows what’s happening at every step. PMI’s electoral officer Oliver F. Lehmann remarked:

“Questions concerning data security were important to us, which made finding a provider in Germany a necessity. We also wanted to be supported by a qualified company.”

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Online Voting Increases Voter Turnout

1,335 eligible voters were asked to cast their vote in the board of directors election and also vote on the resolution to change the name from PMI Munich Chapter e.V. to PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. Transparency wasn’t the only reason why PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. was convinced to vote online with Polyas. Oliver F. Lehmann explains that:

“A growing number of our members live outside Munich and therefore cannot always attend meetings to cast their votes. This was a key reason why we wanted to use online voting. Before we discovered the solution of online voting, members living outside Munich were effectively excluded from their democratic rights within the association.” 

PMI hoped that the opportunity to vote online would increase voter turnout, thereby allowing decisions to be made more democratically.

The plan succeeded: offering online voting helped to increase voter turnout by 10%

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The Online Voting Experience with Polyas

PMI was extremely satisfied with the preparation and execution of the online elections and said:

“The elections ran smoothly and our questions were always answered quickly and competently. We plan to conduct our future elections with Polyas.”

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