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Online elections with online ballots

Manage your board of directors election online

Electing a new board of directors is a task every association must undertake regularly. Professional associations, Social Clubs, Condominium Associations, Homeowner Associations, and other associations are required to elect a board of directors to help manage the association for the benefit of their members. There are regular expenses involved in the preparation and planning of board elections: election documents must be created, sent, returned and counted manually. These tasks can take up a lot of your time and lead to significant costs unless everything is carefully planned.

Online elections help save you time, effort, and money but also help increase turnout by enabling your electorate to vote from anywhere in the world. Our online election experts will support you in setting up and completing your election. You can also carry out live voting directly at your general assembly and combine it with an online election. POLYAS takes care of live voting at general assemblies and provides you with legally valid election results.

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Reduce election expenses by voting online

You can reduce your election costs by up to 70% with online elections. Key processes are performed digitally, so online voting enables you to effectively eliminate printing and postage costs. Save valuable time when creating the ballot, assign different groups of voters and save your settings for future elections. All of this can be done simply with the click of a button, or alternatively, you can let our election managers handle it for you.

Additionally, with the online election system from POLYAS, you can view the number of votes cast in real-time and motivate the electorate to vote during the election period. You will then receive the election results at the click of a button. Counting votes by hand is now a thing of the past.

Increase voter turnout through convenient voting

Easily inform your association members about the election and the candidates online. Take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital communication to effectively encourage your electorate to participate.

Online elections allow your members to vote at their convenience and leisure wherever they are. This allows your members to participate in the election without needing to be physically present at the AGM. Online voting enables you to increase voter turnout in your board of directors election, which in turn gives your elected leaders greater legitimacy when making decisions affecting your association.

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Increase turnout through combined ballot box and online voting
Include online elections in your electoral statutes

Incorporate online voting into your electoral code

The rules governing how your association may conduct elections are included in your association's electoral code. Here you'll find the crucial information about election procedures, from the type of election required, the number of votes needed for a candidate to be elected, to the procedures your association needs to follow for your election to be legally valid.

In order to perform online association elections you should simply include electronic voting in your electoral code. It usually only takes an extension or amendment to the code which you then submit to your local district court.

We will support you with practical suggestions and legally valid formulations so that you can take advantage of online voting.
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