Ballot Paper Templates for a Candidate Election

Download various free electronic ballot paper templates for a majority vote. The structure of ballots can vary between elections so they need to be adjusted to the individual needs of your election and voters. You’ll often find details about the correct voting procedure in your bylaws.

Ballot paper templates for a majority vote candidate election

The ballot paper for a majority vote consists of a list of candidates standing for election along with a corresponding check-box for each candidate. Each voter can give one vote per candidate and has as many total votes as there are positions up for election.

There is also the option of conducting a party list election but this is not very common under a majority vote system. Find more information about party list elections here.

Free ballot paper templates to download:
Ballot paper template for a candidate election (PDF)
Ballot paper template for a candidate election – with three columns (PDF)

If just one candidate stands for election, you’ll need a ballot paper for a single candidate election: 
Ballot paper template for a single candidate election (PDF)

Ballot paper templates for cumulative voting in a candidate election

Along with simple majority votes, there is also the possibility to use cumulative voting where voters can assign multiple votes to a single candidate. The accumulation of votes can sometimes lead to a more concrete election result.

The ballot paper for a majority vote with cumulative voting requires several check-boxes (usually three) in which the voter can cast their vote. 

Download a free ballot paper template for cumulative candidate elections:
Ballot paper template for a cumulative vote candidate election with three votes (PDF)

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Ballot paper template for cumulative voting or panachage

Aside from cumulative voting, where multiple votes can be cast to one candidate from one list, panachage can also be used. Under panachage, votes are not strictly bound to one list, but can be cast to different candidates from all party lists up for election. 

Free ballot paper templates for a candidate election with panachage and cumulative voting
Ballot paper template for a candidate election with cumulative voting and panachage I (PDF)
Ballot paper template for a candidate election with cumulative voting and panachage II (PDF)

Creating a legally valid ballot paper is the centerpiece of an election. It can influence the satisfaction of voters as well as the chosen election system. There are numerous ways to set up a ballot paper which are closely linked to the bylaws of the institution and the type of election. Make sure you pay close attention to detail when creating ballot papers and choose the appropriate system for your election.