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Voter invitations from your own e-mail server

Send voter invitations via your own e-mail server

  • Information about your voters stays with you
  • We handle the configuration of your e-mail server
  • Voters see e-mails sent from you 

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Send voter invitations securely

Voter invitations recognizably from you

Would you like to send voter invitations via your own e-mail server? POLYAS can organize your e-mail server to send the voter invitations and (if you booked them) voter reminders. The e-mails are then clearly recognizable to your voters as having been sent by you.

Please note that this feature is costly, time-consuming, and cannot be booked in Self Service, but only through our Support. It also needs to be coordinated with your IT department, as your e-mail server may need to be configured.

How it works: Invitations from your own e-mail server

We need the following parameters so that we can set up the sending of voter invitations from your own e-mail server:

  • The e-mail address to be used to send the message
  • The sender to be specified
  • The address of the mailbox from which the e-mails are sent
  • The username and password of the e-mail account
  • The type of encryption

We then coordinate with your IT department to ensure proper implementation.

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POLYAS feature - own e-mail server

Better data protection and recognition

The feature makes it apparent to your voters that the e-mails came from you. It also reduces the risk of them ending up in the spam folder. Furthermore, sending the voter invitations from our own e-mail server ensures a high level of data protection, since the personal data of your voters is not processed by POLYAS.

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