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Features of Online Voting

These digital features simplify the election management process.

  • Save time and money by creating online ballots
  • Monitor voter turnout in real-time
  • Validate your election results with our innovative tool

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Vote Online

Voters cast their ballots online using our certified, secure, and legally valid online voting software.

Find out how online voting works

Create Ballot Papers

Save valuable time and effort by creating legally valid ballots with our online voting platform.

Create legally valid ballot papers

Create Electoral Roll

Upload your existing electoral roll or create and edit one online in minutes with our election system.

More about the electoral roll

Send Test Election

Send off a test election & experience secure online voting in the same way your electorate will.

Learn more with a test election

Email Voter Credentials

Save time, effort and money by distributing log-in credentials to your voters via email. 

Email election notifications

Seal Online Elections

Learn about how important the sealing process is and how it makes your election legally valid. 

Seal your online election

Real Time Turnout

View the number of votes cast in your election in real-time with our online turnout tracker.

Voter turnout

Fast Election Results

Votes are counted automatically, allowing you to access your election results in minutes.

Election results


Fully Managed Elections

From the creation of ballots to the sending of voter credentials, let us manage and maintain your election.

Managed elections

Nomination Platform

Keep an overview of which candidates have been nominated & how many signatures they have gathered.

Save time with the nomination platform

Offline Credentials

Ensure that you reach all of your electorate by sending their voting credentials offline via post or SMS. 

Reach your voters offline

Registration Platform

Simplify the management of your electoral roll by allowing your electorate to register online.

How the registration tool works

Custom Election Website

Increase turnout with a dedicated website containing all of the information your voters need. 

Simplified election marketing

Custom Election Text

Personalize your ballots and voter invitations to fit your branding and corporate style.

Help communicate with your voters

POLYAS Enterprise:

Custom Design

Format the election system text to fit the needs and expectations of your electorate. Make your election looks the way you want.

Custom platform text

Custom Interface

Develop a custom interface for the election system and integrate your election into your branding or your intranet.

Custom platform Interface

Develop New Features

If you need specific features that are unique to your election, we can develop them together for a perfect election.

Develop the features you need