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Create a list of your eligible voters in a few easy steps. Find out how to create your online electoral roll.

Register your eligible voters in the online voting manager

1. Register your eligible voters

If the number of your voters is relatively small, we recommend you register them directly in the electoral roll using POLYAS online voting manager. Add voters with the respective data row by row. To add a new row, simply click on Enter. To delete an entry, move the mouse pointer over the respective row and click on the arrow in the top right corner.

Upload your electoral roll in the online voting manager

2. Upload electoral roll

If your election is much more complex and you have to deal with electoral districts or voter groups, simply import your electoral roll in an Excel format.

Click on the gearwheel icon in “Voter” menu and then on the “Import” tab in the top left corner. Now you can upload your electoral roll file to the online voting manager using drag & drop.

Use our templates to design your electoral roll: you will find them in our online voting manager available for download.

Additional functions of your online electoral roll

3. Additional functions of your online electoral roll

Export: Download the electoral roll with all the necessary data from the Online Voting Manager. Are you planning to send voter invitations by mail and need the participants' login credentials? Do not hesitate to contact POLYAS Support. Learn more >

Voter groups : Create more voter groups if your voters need to have different ballots. Make sure that every voter is assigned to a particular voter group through individual columns.

Voter attributes: Determine which attributes are to be given to your voters: address information, language, electoral district. Choose the columns that need to be displayed in the electoral roll. Please use the principle of data economy and include only the necessary data, which is required to carry out your online election smoothly and correctly.

Test how fast and easy a setup of your electoral roll can be!

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