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Send Voting Credentials via Post or SMS

Deliver log in credentials in a way that fits your voters

  • Pick the right method of sending online voting credentials
  • Have different methods for different voter groups
  • Increase security by using different methods 

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Individuelle Wählerkommunikation

Reach all of your voters by combining delivery methods

Ensure all of your voters can exercise their right to vote by sending out the credentials for the voting system individually - via post, SMS or by email.

By voting online with POLYAS, the login credentials for the online voting system are normally send via email to the voters. We also offer numerous alternatives in the case that your voters are not willing to share their email addresses. We offer the ability for credentials to be sent via post, SMS or to be picked up by the electorate. In this way you reach voters on their preferred channels and help to increase the voter turnout.

Postal Delivery of Online Voting Credentials

If you decide to send voting credentials via post we export the voter IDs and matching passwords from our online voting system and given them over to our trusted printing partners. We have partners in the US, Canada and across Europe. We ensure that they match our high standards of data privacy. If you wish, all voter IDs and passwords can be blocked with a scratch zone - similar to what a bank would send you. 

The postal delivery is especially effective when combined with online voting. Voters may have the option to send back a filled in ballot paper or alternatively log into our online platform and vote quickly and conveniently instead. 

This allows voters to choose how to vote. POLYAS takes care of the complete election for you and delivers 100% accurate combined election results from all voting procedures.

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Zugangsdaten Online-Wahl per Post
Increase turnout through combined ballot box and online voting

Send voter Invitations via SMS

Younger voters, in particular, are likely to be easily reachable via their smartphones. Our voting system has been designed to work on all shapes and sizes of device but in particular on the go. You can increase voter turnout by sending out voter invitations via SMS. A link to the voting platform and their login details are provided. All you need is the cellphone number of your voters and we will take care of the rest.

More about secure authentication

Another option is to combine different delivery options and send some credentials via email, some by post and others by SMS. If your voters are truly hard to reach, you can receive their credentials and let them pick them up in person. Enabling different login options for your voters helps to increase support for your election and ultimately voter turnout.

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