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Legal Framework for Elections

Ensure your election is on sure footing

  • Information to help create legally valid and well thought-through ballot papers
  • Tips to help you ensure your election is legally valid - both on and offline
  • Learn about the core principles of elections

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Legal Framework

Electoral Principles

The core principles of elections establish the guiding principles of democratic elections.

Learn about the principles of democratic elections

Secrecy of the Ballot

A crucial aspect of many elections and a legal requirement if stated in your bylaws.

Learn how you can ensure ballot secrecy

Legally Valid Ballot Papers

Creating a ballot paper can be a complex affair. Learn about the core aspects of a legally valid ballot. 

Learn how to create legally valid ballot papers

Legal Requirements

Ensure that your election result cannot be contested by conducting a legally valid election.

Ensure your election meets the legal requirements


Association Bylaws

Bylaws establish the guiding principles for every association election, whether online, postal or at an AGM. 

Learn about association bylaws

Cooperative Bylaws

Cooperative bylaws need to establish the voting procedures - do members vote at an AGM or online?

Learn about cooperative bylaws

Credit Union Bylaws

What are the essentials for credit unions? Get an overview about credit union bylaws here. 

Learn more about credit union bylaws

Professional Association Bylaws

Professional associations offer guidance and support for their members whose rights are constituted in the bylaws. 

Learn more about professional association bylaws.

Regulatory Institution Bylaws

Regulatory institution bylaws must establish which positions on the board or council are to be public and which are to be elected by the members.

Learn how to shape the bylaws of your regulatory institution

Social Club Bylaws

What is important in running a social club? Who is eligible to be a member? Who can be elected on the board? 

Get your answers about social clubs in the bylaws.