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Online Voting for the Integration Council

  • Elect the integration council of the community online and increase voter turnout
  • Reduce election costs through simple election management online
  • Combine online voting with absentee ballots and ballot box voting

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12  tips to increase your voter turnout

Elect integration council online and increase turnout

The integration council (also: foreigners advisory council) represents the interests of foreign residents as a body in the municipal council and advise the institutions of the community. All adult foreign residents who have lived in the community for at least 3 months are entitled to vote.

Some provinces and communities are already debating whether the integration council can be formed only if the voter turnout is below 10%. Therefore, it is in your interest to motivate your voters to vote.

Elect your integration council easily and comfortably

An online election allows your voters an easy and convenient participation in the election from anywhere via the Internet. All your voters need is an Internet-enabled device (smartphone, laptop, tablet).

Voter turnout can be increased through a convenient online vote. In this way, our customers report a significantly increased election turnout and positive feedback from their voters.

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Our election experts have additional practical tips on how to conduct an effective election campaign through which you can motivate and activate your voters.

Decrease election costs through a simple election management

Perform central voting processes digitally and reduce your election costs by up to 70% by foregoing the costs of the voting booth at the polling station, the use of election workers as well as the printing and mailing of ballots and election documents.

In a digital election with POLYAS, you create the ballot digitally by mouse click, assign the ballot to various voter groups and archive them for future elections.

Additionally, you can see the number of votes cast in real time and even motivate your voters to vote during the election. The election results can then be obtained by pressing a button. In this way, you don't have to count ballots by hand anymore and may save valuable time and personnel costs.

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Create ballot online

Combine the online voting process with the absentee ballot and ballot box voting

You want to permit your voters to vote in a convenient way, but cannot offer a pure online election for organisational reasons?

The digital election can be combined with conventional election methods, such as absentee ballots and ballot box voting.
Combine a familiar way of voting with the cost-efficient online election and receive support by our electoral experts throughout the entire electoral process. In this way, you can organise the delivery of election documents by post or e-mail with us, conduct the voting on site, by post or online with POLYAS, and pass the counting of ballots to our employees.

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