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Online Voting in Regulatory Colleges

Elect your next council online

  • Set up an entire election in just a few clicks
  • Allow your members to vote conveniently and securely
  • Save costs and reduce your carbon footprint

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Elect your college's board online!

Online voting makes a tedious process simple. Your members can now vote from anywhere, greatly increasing voter turnout. 

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Regulatory college elections online

Do you have questions and need advice?

Get in touch! Our election experts will give you more information and provide you with a plan. 

Polyas will support your election committee every step of the way and deliver legally valid election results.

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How does online voting with Polyas work?

By voting online with Polyas your college will make election planning both easier and more cost-effective.

Your election can be ready in just a few clicks. Neither the printing nor mailing of ballot papers is required!

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