Independent verification of the election results

Voters and election organizers are able to verify the accuracy of online voting and check that the election ran smoothly. This amounts to two different types of verification: universal verification and individual verification.

On the one hand, universal verification allows the election organizer to check that the election ran smoothly and the accuracy of the vote count. On the other hand, individual verification allows eligible voters to make sure their vote wasn’t manipulated as it arrived in the digital ballot box and that it was counted. Both methods maintain the secrecy of the ballot.

Below you’ll learn about the verification options offered by POLYAS online voting systems CORE 2.2.3 and CORE 3.0 for your online election.

Universal verification of election results and process

The accuracy of your online election and vote count can be checked with an independent verification tool. You can obtain the verification tool and usage instructions from your POLYAS election manager on request.

Universal verification in POLYAS CORE 2.5.0 

The verification tool allows you to check the integrity and authenticity of POLYAS CORE 2.5.0 individual system components after the election. This is done with block checksums and their hash values. Additionally, you can conduct a vote recount whilst maintaining ballot secrecy.

Universal verification in POLYAS CORE 3.0

POLYAS CORE 3.0 also provides you with a verification tool to check that all processes of your online election as well as the vote count were correct. To enable universal verification, POLYAS 3.0 makes use of the latest cryptographic methods such as zero-knowledge proofs. This makes the process of mixing ballots in the ballot box, the decryption and counting of ballots transparent without violating ballot secrecy.

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Individual verification of election results and process

In addition to universal verification, POLYAS CORE 3.0 is currently developing various options for individual verification. These enable voters to make sure their votes were correctly stored in the ballot box and counted.

Individual verification with a second device

To allow voters to check directly after the election that their ballot was not manipulated in the ballot box, POLYAS makes use of a verification method on a second device.

Here voters are displayed a QR-code after they’ve voted which they can scan with a second internet-enabled device. After activation by entering their access data, voters can view their ballot in the ballot box and check its accuracy. The QR-code contains further evidence regarding the authenticity of the ballot with is checked by the second device.

POLYAS-tip: maintaining ballot secrecy is our highest priority. Learn more about the measures we take at POLYAS to maintain the secrecy of the ballot

Highest level of security with ongoing research

POLYAS runs its own research department in order to always offer you the highest level of security for your next online election. POLYAS CORE 2.5.0 and POLYAS CORE 3.0 are thus based on the latest security techniques and we’re always working on offering you the most comprehensive options for verifying your online election.

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