Case Study: Vereniging Nederlandse Verkeersvliegers (VNV/Dutch ALPA)

The Dutch Airline Pilots Association (Vereniging Nederlandse Verkeersvliegers – VNV) votes on issues such as collective labour agreements and protocols several times a year. Since October 2018 they have carried out multiple online votes with POLYAS. We spoke with Daan Zwart, the association’s General Secretary, about the experience of voting online.

Efficient vote management at the Dutch ALPA

The VNV carries out numerous small to medium sized votes per year. Previously these took place in written form with ballot papers being partially distributed by post and results counted manually by hand. Over time the regular votes took up more and more of the General Secretary’s attention and created out of pocket expenses. There had to be a more efficient solution.

This solution was finally found in the POLYAS online voting system. The expenses involved in repeatedly setting up votes were minimized, and votes took place without difficulties.

Online voting features and great service

It was especially important for the VNV that votes could be carried out at short notice and little expense. What impressed Zwart most about the POLYAS online voting system was its quick and simple user interface, along with the friendly and helpful support offered by the election experts at POLYAS.

„What I especially value is the seamless exchange between colleagues which means there are no communication problems on the client side.”

VNV shows continued interest in voting online with POLYAS

Zwart was very pleased with the initial results of online voting with POLYAS which led to an approximate 20 percent rise in voter turnout. Online voting is an efficient solution for Zwart when organizing regularly occurring votes within the VNV.

Now it’s just a matter of thoroughly reviewing the costs, optimizing technical logistics and the corresponding price setting, according to Zwart. In POLYAS, Zwart is convinced that he’s found a client-focused partner ready to tackle these issues.

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