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Everything about elections in unions with executive committees

  • Increase your voter turnout by adding online voting to your options
  • Reduce time and expenditure on your union elections
  • Help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint

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Online voting in unions

Online voting with POLYAS saves your union time, money and resources. Postal voting is no longer needed.

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What do unions do?

What do unions actually do? Get an overview here and learn the most important facts about unions.

Union - the basics explained

Union structure

Every union is unique and structured differently but we will give you the essentials about union structure. 

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Elections process in unions

What kind of positions are elected in unions? Read more about elections in unions and how they are conducted. 

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FAQ: elections in unions

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about union elections here. 

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Checklist: elections in unions

Take our useful checklist as a guideline when organizing your next union elections. 

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