Board of Directors Election Process in Associations

The election process in associations is not specifically defined by US and Canadian law. This is because associations can have different legal forms –  incorporated or unincorporated associations. In general, all associations elect some kind of management committee to run the association on behalf of its members. 

Board of directors

The board of directors is usually elected by the members. The number of seats on the board is outlined in the bylaws of the association. 

The board of directors runs the association on behalf of its members and represents their interests, with individual duties of the board members being outlined in the organization’s bylaws.  

Election process in board of directors elections

Who can be a member of the board?
Anyone can be a director on the board, members of the association or non-members, depending on the bylaws. 

Nominations for the board of directors 
Every member of the association can nominate candidates if the bylaws allow it. The form a nomination takes is specified in the bylaws. Additionally, a deadline for submitting nominations is usually set. 

Term of the board of directors 
The term of the directors is regulated in the bylaws. However, it can also be decided by the members during their annual general meeting. 

Voting  system and procedure 
The bylaws establish the voting system and procedure which will be used in the election. For example, they will specify if votes are to be cast for individual candidates or parties (or groups). Furthermore, the bylaws outline the voting procedure to be used in the election. This could be voting in paper form, in person through a show of hands, by post and/or electronic voting.

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Voting rights in board of directors elections 
There can be active and passive members in an association, but all can vote for the board of directors unless stated otherwise in the bylaws. The bylaws also outline which members are considered active or passive. 

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Advantages of online board of directors elections

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