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Online Voting for Homeowner Associations (HOA)

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Online Board of Directors Elections

Simplify the election process for your next HOA board election​ by switching to online voting with POLYAS.

Save time and money with online voting

HOA Board of Directors Overview

The Board of Directors is the body which governs any HOA. They ensure that common areas are maintained and fees are paid.

Learn more about HOA board of directors

The Election Process in your HOA

The election process for any HOA board election can be complicated, frustrating and if not managed correctly, invalid. 

Learn about the election process in HOAs

What is an HOA

Just what exactly is a Homeowner's Association, what do they do, why are they important, and how are they governed? 

Learn about HOAs

HOA vs Condo Associations

What is the difference between a Homeowner's Association and Condominium Association? 

How is it different to a Condo Association?

Condominium Associations

Everything you need to know about online voting for your condo association's board. 

Elect your Condo association board online