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Manage your Board of Directors Elections Online

  • Reduce the costs of your board of directors elections and employee feedback surveys
  • Manage your elections quickly, and easily with our online election tools
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by voting online, or at your AGM

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Board of Directors Elections

Elect your Board of Directors Online

Online voting can save you time and effort, reduce the costs of your election, increase turnout and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Corporate elections online

Corporate Election Process

Electing a board of directors can be a complicated affair. Find out the most important aspects of the election process.

Learn about the board election process

Board of Directors Overview

The board is one of the most important governing bodies in any company, ensure you have the best candidates.

What are the main board responsibilities?

Corporate Bylaws

Bylaws are regulated administrative rules that companies have to follow, including how elections should be managed.

Find out more about corporate bylaws

Live Voting at your AGM

Elect your next board of directors your AGM with minimal fuss with our live voting products. No more contested ballots!

Find out about live voting at your AGM

Election Checklist

Here you can find a free checklist to download which will help you manage your next board of directors election. 

Download an election checklist today


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding corporate board of directors elections. 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Other Corporate Elections

Employee Engagement

Many companies are required to perform employee engagement surveys. Learn how conducting them online can help.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Healthcare Elections

Ensure that the board of directors in your healthcare corporation is elected with the highest of security standards.

Learn more about Healthcare Elections

Law Firm Elections

Learn how conducting board of governor, partner and judicial performance reviews online can save your law firm time and money.

More about online law firm elections