Checklist: Corporate Board Election

When planning your next corporate board election, ensure that you know what the crucial steps are and who is responsible for their completion. Below we have provided a useful checklist of all of the main tasks that will ensure that your election will run as smoothly as possible.

Download our checklist for corporate elections and be sure to read your election guidelines to add any additional steps that may be required. 

For a Successful Corporate Board Election

1) Set up an Election Committee or Brief your Existing Committee
If you do not have an election committee, it is imperative to do so in line with the procedure established in your bylaws. The election committee will handle the running of the election and all subtasks that elections will inevitably require. If your board elections are staggered, and therefore yearly, it is prudent to retain the committee so that elections run smoothly year after year.  

2) Check your election guidelines and your bylaws
Your bylaws and election guidelines will clearly state the accepted and legal procedures for running your next election.  

3) Announce the date of your election, Open Nomination and Registration
It should be clear which members of the board are up for election. Term lengths should always be clearly stated in
the bylaws. The date of the election, whether online or at your next AGM should be clear. Giving eligible voters enough time to organise attending your AGM, or to register their intentions to vote is of the utmost importance. Be sure to give them enough time to register.

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4) Create the electoral roll
The other main half of any election should be created with care and attention. It should also be created after the registration period has closed to ensure that all shareholders who have expressed an interest in voting, either online or at your AGM will be given the ability to do so. 

5) Create Ballot papers
Once all nominations are in, you may create a list of all candidates and enter them into your ballot paper. Once this has been created, you are ready to open the election.

6) Starting the Election:

 – Send out election Credentials for Online Voting
Online voting credentials should be sent out when the election opens to ensure that election turnout does not suffer from voters not being authorized from voting when they receive their credentials.

 – Open the AGM & hand out voting credentials
AGMs will always show a higher voter turnout than online voting, but the number of sshareholders may actually be lower than how many vote in a normal online election owing to the limitations on conference sizes. We recommend adopting combined voting procedures wherever possible

7) Count and announce the Election Results

Download the Checklist for your next Board Election

Our downloadable PDF checklist has a few more steps in it to ensure that you cannot take a wrong step in your next corporate Board of Directors election.

You can download it here.

When planning any election, it is imperative that you stay within the procedure established within your election guidelines and corporate bylaws

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