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Cooperative Elections Online

Elect your board of directors online

  • Hold secure and legally valid online elections for your board of directors and board of representatives
  • Combine online voting with traditional voting procedures in your cooperative's next election
  • Increase voter turnout by offering your members the flexibility to vote online with ease

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Efficient election management with POLYAS Online Voting

Easily manage your next board elections

Cooperatives are based on the mutual support and democratic participation of all members. Board of directors and representative elections are therefore crucial in successfully running a cooperative. They can, however, be costly to organize and frustrating to manage.

Online voting allows you to greatly reduce the costs involved with election management. Enjoy the benefits of digital voting and take away the effort and stress from cooperative elections.

Save valuable time throughout the election management process by creating ballots online, uploading the electoral register and starting the election from the comfort of your desk or couch. You will receive your election results at the click of a button once the election period has closed. You can also rely on POLYAS when selecting candidates to represent the members of your cooperative. Everything is safely documented and readily accessible.

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Legally valid election results

Online board of directors elections are made legally possible for cooperatives when they are specifically included in the bylaws. Checking that online elections are allowed enables you to use POLYAS' online voting system stress-free. We can help you with amending bylaws and make sure that your election results are secure and legally valid.

Simply include the use of online and electronic voting in your cooperative's electoral code in order to conduct your next elections online. The electoral code should clearly outline the requirements and procedures involved in electronic voting.

Promote the core values of your cooperative and motivate your members to exercise their right to vote in an easy and convenient way. Our election experts will support you throughout the creation your online elections.

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Full service for your election
Increase Voter Turnout with Online Voting

Increase voter turnout in your cooperative's next election

Inform your cooperative members about the board of directors elections and details about the candidates online. Benefit from the additional opportunities of using digital communication to effectively motivate your voters.

Remind voters about the upcoming election date and motivate your members to exercise their right to vote through online communication. By doing so, you will further strengthen the "we" feeling in your cooperative and encourage members to become more involved in shaping the direction of the organization.

Online elections allow your members to vote in an easy and convenient way. Attendance at the polling station is no longer necessary for members to participate in the election. By giving your members this flexibility, you'll increase voter turnout and have a stronger democratic basis for decision making in your cooperative.

Conduct your cooperative's elections online and learn more about our election services now!