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Hybrid Events with POLYAS

Hybrid Events: The Event Format of the Future

The world of events has changed dramatically because of the Covid pandemic and the accompanying acceleration of digitalization. Many events now take place in a hybrid form: On-site components at the voting location and live stream for those who can't attend the event in person. The need for digital voting and elections - and therefore our Live Voting - is growing at a rapid pace due to the rising trend of hybrid events.

Types of events

While face-to-face events and digital events in the form of webinars have dominated the event industry up until now, hybrid events are entering the market and presenting a new sustainable form of event organization. Our experience shows the urgent need of combining legally compliant voting with Live Voting for all event formats.

  • Face-to-face event: The event takes place exclusively at one location. All guests are present in person and cast their votes online on-site via smartphone or other device.
  • Hybrid event: Part of the event takes place at the voting location, the other part of the guests are digitally connected via live stream. Voting is possible both on site and from home.
  • Online event: The event takes place exclusively virtually (e.g., as a digital party convention or webinar). All eligible voters connect digitally and vote online

Components of Hybrid Events

We see the POLYAS application as an integral part of hybrid events, the event format of the future. With POLYAS Live Voting advantages, digital voting for hybrid events can be implemented in a legally secure and flexible manner. Other strong partners in this system are, for example, event service providers, website providers for the creation of event landing pages, service providers for streaming and event technology, locations, social media support providers, advertising material manufacturers and many more.

Depending on the size and characteristics of the hybrid event, certain components have a different significance. For example, only a few elements are needed for a smaller association meeting. In contrast, for a very large event (e.g., party convention, general meeting), the necessity of all components should be estimated.

At this point we would like to mention that POLYAS is not a general contractor for hybrid events. We offer our expertise in online elections and digital voting. Therefore, we focus on the aspect of legally compliant and flexible voting for hybrid events. However, if required, we also work together with event service providers or other partners.

Partner with POLYAS: Would you like to partner with POLYAS to offer hybrid events? Interested in partnering with us? Email us at info@polyas.de!

Possibilities for different event sizes

From association meetings to party conventions - POLYAS offers a suitable solution for legally compliant and flexible Live Voting for every size of event. Digital voting for smaller and medium-sized events can be carried out independently in Self-Service; larger projects will most likely require contacting POLYAS project management.

Self service and support by POLYAS Support

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