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  • Have all of the important information regarding your election in one place
  • Increase your voter turnout with better access to your election material & social media
  • Clean and simple access to election material, registration and voting platforms

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Mit einer Wahl-Website erreichen Sie alle Wähler und steigern die Wahlbeteiligung

All the information you could need in one place

Today, most people get their news and information online. Alerts for the latest stories, a quick search for a favorite recipe, and now a single place for all the information they need regarding your election. These days it is expected that information should be easy to find and comprehensive when available. Make life easier for your voters by creating an election website.  

With answers to common questions and links to registration,  online voting, and candidate information etc, expect to see your voter turnout increase and the time spent answering questions reduced! 

The Election Website: How It Works

POLYAS creates and hosts the election website for you. The site will target your voter group(s) and offer all information relating to your election. As an election officer, you benefit from the experience of POLYAS' online election experts and will receive an SEO optimized election website. 

  1. Share all important election information with us and send us pictures and documents that you would like to be featured
  2. Our election experts will write the election website with all information related to your election and additional material where needed
  3. You have the final say - on your go we publish the website and you can start sending people towards it

We also offer a SecureLink from your election website to the online voting system, registration platform or nomination platform. If you would like, we can publish the election results here when the election period is over. 

Wahl-Website Einrichtung - So funktioniert's
Increase turnout through combined ballot box and online voting

Connect with your voters and increase turnout

By creating an election website, you can effectively reach more of your voters. All information that your electorate could need is posted in one place.

We also will provide a short introduction of just how easy it is to vote online. Share the link to the election website in your newsletter, via email or post it on your intranet.

Offer a more convenient voting experience by conducting an online election with POLYAS.

Voting online with POLYAS will help your voters cast their ballots both securely and quickly from anywhere in the world within the election period. Not only does this help keep costs down, but it helps reduce the time spent managing your election. Simply upload your electoral roll, create ballot templates and you are ready to go. Reduced costs mean you can spend remaining budgets on marketing your election - ensuring a greater turnout. Turnout is expected to rise with online voting due to the ease and speed with which voters can cast their ballots. 

Contact our election experts who can advise you on the election website!