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  • Lower the cost and effort of setting up your election with our online voter registration platform
  • Your voters can register themselves to vote easily and quickly online
  • Collect voter data easily and increase your voter turnout with online registration 

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Service and support in the election administration

Manage your vote efficiently by keeping the electoral roll up to date

Take advantage of our online registration platform and simplify your management processes.

Should you wish to give your voters more voting methods, our voter registration platform allows your voters to decide for themselves whether to cast their votes by:

Collect the data of your voters easily, simply and accurately. More details about your voters will help you to increase your voter turnout. Our online voter registration platform keeps your electoral roll up-to-date, reducing the effort placed into maintaining a full and up to date roll by hand. The platform is highly configurable and can be designed to suit your election needs, whatever they may be. 

Wit your fully managed online voting services, we can take care of this process on your behalf.

Manage voters with the registration platform

The online voter registration platform enables your members to register themselves to vote. Their details are automatically entered into your electoral roll.

Data synchronizes between the registration platform and the electoral roll automatically.

Just a few steps for an up-to-date and high-quality electoral roll:

  1. Your voters receive log-in details and a link to the registration platform via email
  2. They log into the platform with their details
  3. The electorate decide how they would like to cast their ballots
  4. You may nominate a proxy who may vote on your behalf. (Proxy votes can be downloaded as a PDF)
  5. Voter data will be compared with the electoral roll for accuracy

POLYAS creates an accreditation file to verify voters at general assemblies. We retrieve this from data given by the electorate on the registration platform. At an assembly, your voters can be verified by means of an ID card or member ID card. They will then be allowed to participate in live voting. Verified voters receive an individual code, which they then may use to log into the live voting platform. The code contains information on the voting rights of the voter. Online voters will receive access to the voting portal via email.

Learn more about the opportunities that Online Voting brings.

Easy election management with POLYAS online voting

Increase voter turnout: combine online and live voting

What if not all of your members are able to attend your general assemblies? Combine live voting methods with an online vote and allow left-out members to take part in the items on the agenda with ease. Use the registration platform to plan general meetings and online voting. Read our tips to help you increase your voter turnout, but don't forget to contact your voters individually. We can help you here.

Allow our election experts to introduce you to live-voting at general assemblies or AGMs.