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Amendments and Resolutions: Vote Online now

  • Make democratic decisions with a high voter turnout
  • Save time and costs in organizing and conducting the vote
  • Get the results of the vote with just one click

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Let your Members Vote on Resolutions Online!

Is it difficult for you to convene your members to vote on resolutions in person?
Voting online enables your members can participate in the decision-making process directly. It is simple too, members can cast their votes online no matter where they live. We guarantee the highest security measures and legally valid voting results. 

Inform your members about the online vote

Inform your members online about the items on the agenda and the resolutions up for voting. POLYAS allows you to hold your resolution vote online.

There is only one thing your members need to participate in the online vote on resolutions: a web-enabled device like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.
Your voters receive an email with login data to the online voting system and can be securely identified.

Learn more about secure authentication in online votes with POLYAS

Inform your members about the online vote
A few clicks away from your online resolution

A few clicks away from your online resolution

Make use of our online voting system and increase the voter turnout on resolutions.

  • Create ballot papers for your vote online
  • Upload the electoral roll
  • Send election invitations by email
  • See voter turnout in real time
  • Download the results of the vote as a PDF

Our election experts are happy to organize and conduct votes on resolutions and referenda.
Trust our experts: read more about the service and additional features