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Personalize your Ballot and Invitations

  • Increase your voter turnout by sending individual messages and reminders to vote
  • Further voter communication can be found through creating translations for non-English-speaking voters
  • Target groups of voters with focused messages

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Full service for your election

Communication with Individual voters increases voter turnout

Voter communication helps you segment your voters. Learn which segments expect formal language and which expect to be treated more equally. We can help you communicate with your voters and increase voter turnout organically.

Do you need your vote to be formatted in a specific way? We can use our online system to configure your election to be truly unique according to your needs and tastes.  In order to make sure that the vote is perfectly phrased, we'll send you a text document with the original voting system text. You can then customize the document according to your vote and return it to us. We'll then implement these changes on the online platform. 

With our combined voting procedures we can integrate various methods of voting into your election: Live, Online and Postal.

Use our multilingual system to reach your whole electorate

After you've edited the text to suit your needs and we have your vote looking like you want, we can translate your vote into a number of languages.

You can use our voting system in different languages. Voters whose English is not perfect may feel more comfortable in their native tongue. Our voting system is easily switched into one of nine languages and your translated text will be uploaded for each language. Your electorate can select their preferred languages on our online voter registration platform.

Our Voting System Supports 9 Languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Czech
  • Hungarian
  • Finnish

Is there a language you need that's not on the list?

Our election experts are available for translation should you need them. Contact us today.

Increase security and efficiency through online voting
Our Voting System Is Available in 7 Languages

Additional services

Do you have specific requirements for your vote? With our features, we can find the perfect solution for you!

Learn more about the services and features of the POLYAS Online Voting System.