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Convenient Voting Options for your next Election

  • Combine voting procedures for your voters' convenience
  • A smooth transition to new digital voting opportunities
  • Reduce costs with hybrid online & paper elections

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Absentee Ballot

Combine Online and Postal Voting

An absentee ballot describes various forms of casting votes outside an official polling station. This may be because the voter is out of the country or not able to access the polling station.

Forms of absentee ballots include:

Postal voting is the most commonly used form of absentee ballot, which may be applied in almost all elections. However, voters living overseas may want to use new electronic voting opportunities. Online voting enables voters to cast their ballots from anywhere in the world. To make the transition for your voters as smooth as possible, POLYAS combines postal and online voting. Voters can decide for themselves which voting procedure is more convenient for them. This ensures that no voter is excluded from the voting process.

How does online voting with POLYAS work? (Video)

Complete Service with Hybrid Elections

Absentee ballots are no longer a complicated election procedure. POLYAS handles the entire organization of combined online, postal and proxy voting for you to ensure legally valid election results.

Our qualified election experts support you along every step of your election:

  • Send election documents by email or post
  • Vote by post, online or via proxy
  • Consolidation and counting of all completed ballots
  • Analysis of your election to help future planning

Contact our election experts for comprehensive service in your upcoming elections.

Combine Postal and Online Voting
Save costs by voting your board of directors online with POLYAS

Reduce Absentee Ballot Election Costs

Postal voting might be too costly in the long run as ballot papers have to be created, printed and mailed. Additional expenses include returning ballots and personnel costs associated with the manual counting of votes (or the hiring of expensive counting machines). Digital features of an online election combined with traditional postal voting can lead to a significant reduction in your election costs.

Create your electoral roll digitally and send all relevant election documents securely online. In addition, view voter turnout in real-time and get your election results at the click of a button. Hybrid elections offer your voters two convenient voting procedures allowing them to vote from anywhere on the globe – by post or online.