Increase Voter Turnout: Activate Young Voters

Considering the needs of young voters will help you to increase your voter turnout in today’s digital age. 

Your election with ‘digital natives’:

Today’s generation lives more digitally than previous generations. They communicate digitally, shop online, work for and with modern media and use online banking. A generation who uses the internet so extensively in everyday life cannot be reached in any other way. 

Online Voting Motivates Young Voters

“Higher, faster, further“ – the new generation of digital natives like efficiency. When it comes to democracy, generation Y prefers a convenient election procedure with high standards of mobility and speediness.

Surveys and experience repeatedly show that online voting helps to increase voter turnout, especially among young voters. Doubts about data or legal security are common but unnecessary: high quality and security standards have allowed safe and legally valid online elections to be held for quite some time. 

Postal voting has many disadvantages: postage costs are excessive, delivery takes a long time and the post can always get lost. Digital natives prefer digital communication. There are so many forms of social media that it can be useful, for election of a certain scale, to choose a responsible person specifically for digital election communication. The importance to young voters of using modern means of communication should not be underestimated.

Digital Elections Attract Young Voters

By applying some of our tips to increase your voter turnout, you will already have improved the way you address young voters. Easy access to your central election platform (the electoral website) gets the digital natives on your side as they romp around social networks and are used to getting all their information online. An online election attracts young voters to their natural environment and takes account of their digital needs. That is how you increase voter turnout! 

POLYAS-Tip: Online voting is perfect for everyone and perfectly tailored to the needs of an increasingly digital society. 
Our experts in online voting are happy to help you organise your election and accompany you into the digital future.