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Custom Voting Interface

Simplified Access to the Online Voting System

  • Simplified voting experience for your electorate
  • Create a unique interface for your election
  • Connect the POLYAS online voting system with your intranet

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Individualized Voting Interface for your Online Election

Integrate your online election easily into your intranet and offer your voters a simple and convenient way of accessing the online voting system. By using SecureLink within your intranet, voters do not need to access the online voting system with separate credentials. If you have sufficient security within your own intranet you may decide that intranet credentials are sufficient. 

With a link or button on your intranet homepage,  your voters are directed to our voting system and may exercise their right to vote. This procedure simplifies the voting process for them, increasing the voter turnout in your online election.

Not only accessing the online ballot can be simplified by integrating a custom voting interface. You can also connect your postal ballot scanner or similar devices, which are needed for the election with the voting interface.

How It Works: Developing Your Interface

We work closely with your IT and technical departments to develop a concept for the implementation of your custom interface. Efficiency and user-friendliness go hand in hand and we strive to achieve both when customizing our user interface. Our software developers start with creating an interface for your system. You can be as involved as you deem necessary - from supplying us with detailed instructions on how to implement the interface into your system to letting us take care of the development.   

Contact our election experts today & learn how creating a custom user interface can help your online election.

Our online elections ensure secrecy of the ballot and personal data
Secure authentication of voters

Data Security in Your Online Election

Even when using an interface and single-sign-on for your online election, the data of your voters is always safe. POLYAS processes no personal data at any stage of the signing in process. Each voter is assigned an individual code which is used to login to the voting system.  We have designed our system to verify that the correct user is logged in. We verify their username and password, they are then passed onto the electoral register and checked for eligibility - which voter group they are in and their voting rights. Finally, they are assigned a token and the connection between their data and the token is deleted. 

Learn more about the system we use to ensure data privacy.