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Multilingual voting engages voters

Multilingual voting engages voters

Are you conducting an election for your club, company, or association and would like to reach as many eligible voters as possible? Engaging advertisements for voting, customized addresses to the voters, as well as the possibility of location-independent voting can help.
You can achieve this and more with POLYAS Online Voting. When the eligible voters speak different languages, you have the choice of different languages in your election preparations.
You can enable a location-free voting in the preferred language for the eligible voters thus strengthen the feeling of affinity towards your institution.

Easy voting in the familiar language

The planning and conducting of an election with many ballot papers and eligible voters can be confusing and associated with a lot of costs. Not so with POLYAS Online Voting: Setting up a vote in the POLYAS Online Voting Manager takes only three steps.

The legally watertight election results can be downloaded only a few minutes after the voting closes, without any manual counting of the votes.
If you would like to start a multilingual online election, just hand over the planning and running of the election to our experienced Election Managers, who will set up voting information, ballot papers, and system texts in different languages.
Thus you make it easy for the eligible voters to exercise their right to vote in their own language. As a voting supervisor you can obtain the election results where every vote counts equally despite multiple languages.
You can additionally set a standard language for all those eligible voters whose preferred language is not known. 

Easy voting in the familiar language
Strengthen democratic participation online

Strengthen democratic participation online

The multilingual feature is just one of many features with which you can enhance your POLYAS Online Voting. Make use of the online voting features and increase the voter turnout with: 

You keep an overview and observe the success of the election with daily updates on the voter turnout.
Ask the POLYAS Support Team about the features in your online election > support@polyas.de