Checklist: Board Elections for Professional Associations

While the structure of the board of directors in professional associations can vary, the election process tends to remain fairly similar. Regardless of the size of the organization, or even the type of election they are hoping to plan, there are certain steps that must be followed. 

The Electoral Process at a Glance

  1. The board should determine who is planning the election. Some professional organizations assign entire Nomination and Election Committees to plan the process. Others may simply assign the task to a single board member, or even an employee of the association. The election committee is responsible for ensuring that elections are legally valid and as stress-free for the association and members as possible.
  2. The electoral roll should now be created. The roll is perhaps the single most important election document, and should feature all eligible voters and nominees. Ideally, contact information should be included in the roll – this helps with both verifying their identity and eligibility to vote and enables postal voting documents, polling cards or online voting credentials to be sent.
  3. Nominations should be opened at least one month before the election. A form should be placed on the association’s website or sent to prospective candidates via post. A Nomination Committee or equivalent thereof should review the nomination forms as they come in.
  4. Once there is a definitive list of nominees, ballot papers need to be created. If conducting elections via post, postal ballot documents should now be printed off and sent to eligible voters.
  5. The election commences. Voters can now cast their vote during the election period.
  6. The election ends at a set time period. Votes are then counted and the results are announced to the association.  

Download the Election Checklist

Election planning can be a complicated and time-consuming affair. To help you stay on top of matters, POLYAS has put together an in-depth checklist.

The checklist is free to download:
Professional Associations Election Checklist

When planning election, always ensure that you are acting in accordance with the association’s bylaws. To learn more about bylaws, click here

Simplify the Process by Voting Online

Simplify the Process by Voting Online

Elections are not something to be overlooked or planned at the last minute. Even the most basic election takes time and preparation. If you are conducting your elections via post, as many associations still do, the process becomes more difficult and time-consuming. Not only do ballots need to be created, printed and mailed out by the thousand, but hours will be spent counting all the votes by hand.

To make the entire process more convenient and efficient, try online voting with POLYAS. Simply upload your electoral roll and ballot into our voting manager, and then send your members their credentials via email. POLYAS will be there to help you every step of the way, ensuring the process remains as smooth and stress free.