Online Voting in Professional Associations

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  • Save on printing and mailing costs with a digitalized election process
  • Make voting convenient, easy and fun and increase your voter turnout

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Election Management

Online Voting for your Board Elections

Online voting with POLYAS will save your association time, resources, and money. There is no need to continue voting by post. 

Hold your next election online

Our Services for Professional Associations

Learn more about the range of services and features we have developed to help with the management of your elections. 

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Online Voting at your Next AGM

Reduce the stress and hassle of managing AGM Voting. With live voting, results are instant and easy to organise.  

A new way of voting at your AGM

Our Election Checklist

Planning elections can be complicated and confusing. Download a free election checklist PDF to stay on schedule. 

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions surrounding professional associations and their elections

Read answers to the FAQs

How to Amend your Bylaws

Professional associations need to amend their bylaws to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their profession and legislature.

Learn how to amend your bylaws

Increase Voter Turnout

Members who are engaged with your professional association will help to boost voter turnout. We help you through some of our top tips.

How to increase voter turnout

Board of Directors Overview

Planning elections can be complicated, having a clear understanding of the procedure and steps involved in board elections is vital.

All about the election process

Board Election Procedures

Every professional association is led by a board of directors. Understanding the structure of the board and its roles is vital when planning elections.

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General Information

Common Election Procedures

Find out how different professional associations vote for their board of directors. Get to know what voting process could suit your association best.

Learn about different voting procedures

Election of Directors

Directors are responsible for determining the overall direction of the professional association and make up the board.

Learn more about their roles and election process.

Representative Elections and Roles

Representatives are often elected by members to represent them on a national level or to vote at AGMs on their behalf. 

Learn about representative elections

Professional Associations vs Regulatory Colleges

Electoral Roll is one of the most important aspects of any election - learn how to create and maintain yours with ease. 

Learn about the differences

Creating an Electoral Roll

Regulatory colleges and professional associations are often thought to be interchangeable, but each has a unique purpose. 

How to create a functional electoral roll


Bylaws are some of the most important documents for any professional association. They are vital in the association's governance. 

Learn more about bylaws