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Um Ihre Wahl vor Angriffen zu schützen, hostet POLYAS auf der Open Telekom Cloud

Hosting online voting on Open Telekom Cloud

Upon request, we host the POLYAS online voting system for your election on multiple certified servers of the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC). For all our customers with Election Management, hosting in Germany is included by default. As a POLYAS Self-Service customer, you can now add this feature for a fee. 

Find out more about the advantages of this operating environment on the OTC.

Certified data protection and quality management

The OTC platform is hosted exclusively in German data centers operated by Deutsche Telekom AG. Open Telekom Cloud and T-Systems as service providers have been awarded numerous certifications attesting to their compliance with data protection in handling information and in their processes. International certifications such as ISO 27017 Information Security Controls for Cloud Services, the CSA STAR Certification for security management system, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, and ISO 9001 Quality Management can be cited as a few examples.

Particularly noteworthy in this context is the holistic program for quality assurance at T-Systems: Zero Outage. This certification checks the following processes: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Transition & Transformation Management, Supplier Management, Quality Academy, and Zero Outage @ Service.

In this manner we guarantee you the highest standards in data protection and quality assurance with the POLYAS Online Voting System

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Guaranteeing availability and data security

Alongside the protection of the data, a high value is placed on the availability of the data at any given time. We have chosen Open Telekom Cloud because it saves all data concurrently in two identically-built data centers operating as twin core. As such in case of an outage on one site, the connection is maintained uninterrupted to the data in the other data center. The twin-core concept is built on two mirrored facilities that are 20 km apart and are constantly replicating each other using a dedicated high-speed data connection.

For this reason even in downtime for maintenance at one of the data centers, a permanent access to the data (uptime of 99.999%) is guaranteed

Access to the buildings, which have their own emergency generators, is stringently controlled and limited. The parameters of the centers are secured among others by barbed wire, cameras, infrared searchlights, and above-ground bunker. Even the energy efficiency of Open Telekom Cloud is better than comparable data centers.

Furthermore we utilize additional services to guarantee availability such as the anti-DDoS function to protect the public IP addresses. We are immediately notified of attacks when the number of connections that we set as threshold is exceeded, and this is recognized by the anti-DDoS function. In addition to this protection against DDoS attacks, Open Telekom Cloud has a special monitoring system called Cloud Eye. It comes with an alarm system that sends a text message or email to the user in case of irregularities.

POLYAS tip: POLYAS also protects the data of your voters and candidates. 

Elastic scalability for high data volume

Another advantage of Open Telekom Cloud’s operating environment lies in its scalability possibilities. For POLYAS Online Voting, it means that we are in a position to support very large votes involving voters in the hundreds of thousands as well as conducting a very large number of votes at the same time. For this purpose we deploy Elastic Load Balancing by TELEKOM, which helps to avoid what are known as single points of failure and allow up to 100,000 simultaneous connections.

You can find more information about the Open Telekom Cloud data centers here.

New: Availability of this feature in the POLYAS Self-Service

We now also offer the option of hosting online elections, live votings and online nominations on OTC servers for POLYAS Self-Service customers. This further increases the security level of your project, regardless of all other standard security precautions by POLYAS. The feature "Hosting in Germany" can be booked directly by you as a fee-based feature during the setup of your project. The costs are calculated according to the number of eligible voters for your project. 

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