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Online Voting for Student Council Elections

Elect student councils online and cast votes digitally

  • Conduct voting online, reduce costs and increase transparency
  • Reach voters online and maximize voter turnout
  • Receive legally-valid election results ready for download with a click

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Easy and efficient management of the voting process

Student councils enable pupils to participate democratically within their school. Choosing the right voting procedure in student council elections is crucial because the whole student body should be able to take part. Online voting can help you increase your voter turnout and give your election more legitimacy.

All you need to vote online is a device connected to the internet. As the election manager, you can decide how to make the electoral roll available, how voter information should be delivered and how the election results should be distributed.

All eligible voters receive a personal ID (e.g. Unique Pupil Number) and a one-time password in order to cast their vote. With this data, students can access the online voting system through a secure two-step authentication process. After logging into the voting system, the online ballot will be displayed and voters can allocate their votes as they see fit.

The digital ballot box stores all completed ballots and cannot be tampered with throughout the entirety of the election. Only the number of votes cast is visible to the election manager during the election. After the election period, the ballots are counted automatically by the POLYAS online voting system, allowing the returning officer to access the election results at the click of a button. 

Increase voter turnout with online student council elections

Enable your electorate to vote from anywhere in the world - without barriers. This allows everybody the chance to participate in student council elections very easily and conveniently. You'll also save time and money that would otherwise go towards the printing, distributing and counting of paper ballots by hand. 

Reach your voters where they are: online

By offering your younger voters the opportunity to cast their vote online, you can significantly boost your voter turnout. According to a survey conducted by Forsa, 65% of voters under the age of 30 would vote online if given the opportunity. Invite your electorate to participate via email and remind them about the election with ease using POLYAS' online voting tool.

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Increase voter turnout with online student council elections
Service and support from our online voting experts

Service and support from our online voting experts


Enjoy the support of our online voting experts throughout the entire process of setting up and completing your student council election.

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