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  • Boost voter turnout by offering convenient online voting
  • Manage committee elections easily and efficiently online 
  • Save up to 70% on election costs through online voting

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Increase Voter Turnout with Online Voting

Increase turnout with online university elections

Perform complex elections for committees and other bodies in your university online. With our online voting system you can assign different groups of voters to their respective ballots with a simple click of a mouse. You'll be able to manage the electoral roll digitally and have the ability to add new voters easily.

Allow your electorate to vote online from anywhere in the world as well as at the ballot box. This enables students studying abroad and absent university employees to participate in university elections. You'll save money on printing ballot papers, reduce costs associated with postage and won't have to rely on materials being transported on time.

POLYAS online voting is simple and easy to use.
By offering your electorate the option to vote online you can significantly boost your turnout - especially among younger voters. According to a survey conducted by Forsa, 65% of voters under the age of 30 would vote online. Invite your electorate to vote via e-mail and remind them about the election during the election period. POLYAS' tools facilitate fast and effective information sharing with voters.

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Easy and efficient election management

Your institution won't require any special hardware or system for carrying out an online election. Our online voting software allows you to prepare and conduct your election entirely online. You can decide how to make the electoral roll available, how best to communicate with voters, and how the election results should be processed. By managing these processes directly in our online voting system you'll be able to save the most time and effort when planning your next election.

Easily create your ballot, assign each group of voters the appropriate ballot, and edit ballots online. We'll support you in implementing additional features as well. You may, for example, save the electoral roll on your own servers, integrate the election system into your own intranet and tie the access authorisation to the student matriculation register.

POLYAS offers various implementation options for your online university election. Combine online voting with alternative ways of voting: by absentee ballot or by ballot box voting at your polling place. You and your voters can decide on the appropriate voting procedures to suit your needs.

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Efficient election management with POLYAS Online Voting
Include online elections in your electoral statutes

Include online voting in the electoral code

As a college, university or academy, you'll simply need to adjust the relevant section in your electoral code or regulations in order to incorporate online voting into your organizaton. The electoral code should explicitly include the use of electronic voting.

As a template for your electoral code/regulations we recommend the following formulation:

Technical Requirements

"Electronic elections may only be carried out when the electronic voting system employs the latest technical standards corresponding to the security requirements for online voting products by the national agency responsible for security in information technology. The system must have the technical specifications set out in the following paragraphs. Fulfillment of these technical requirements must be shown through appropriate documentation."