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  • Save up to 70% of your election costs by voting online
  • Combine online voting with postal vote and traditional ballot box voting for maximum impact
  • The future of elections - enable your members to vote from anywhere

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Efficient election management with POLYAS Online Voting

Simplify your Credit Union's Election Managment

Credit unions are mutual organizations, which offer financial support to their members, who in turn save their earnings collectively. Democratic participation is an integral aspect of any credit union. Boards and delegated voting member are essential in the running of the cooperative but they need to be elected and election management can be both difficult and costly.

Online voting in credit unions is an ideal solution to reduce election management expenses to a minimum. Save valuable time in your elections by creating online ballot papers, uploading the electoral roll and receiving your elections results in minutes.

We also offer more advanced features to ensure that we meet all of your election needs.

Secure Online Elections in Credit Unions

POLYAS is committed to the highest levels of cyber and information security. In 2016, POLYAS was certified under the common criteria standards. We are the only election company worldwide to receive this security certificate

We plan your elections according to the needs of your credit union. We can combine online voting, postal vote, ballot box voting and live voting  and are able to meet all of your election expectations. Contact us and tell us what you need and we will deliver secure and legally valid elections.

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secure online voting with polyas
Increase Voter Turnout with Online Voting

Increase Voter Turnout by Voting Online in your Credit Union

Digital elections do not just encompass voting online, but there is a large selection of digital services and features that will simplify your election management process and increase your election turnout. 

Learn how you can increase your election turnout.

Online communication can be used to remind your members of upcoming elections or nomination periods. Don't forget to take advantage of social media channels to contact and motivate your credit union members - Members can be directed towards a central personalized election website or encouraged to vote directly.

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